News: Unicorn RPG-7 at Gunners Airsoft

Gunners Airsoft

has introduced into stock the Unicorn-Industry RPG-7 .

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There has been several Airsoft RPG-7 produced over the years. Smokey’s Gun Factory and Heavy Airsoft Gear being the most popular produced. However this is the first time the $400USD price point has been broken.

SGF RPG-7 retailed for over a thousand US dollars with the HAG RPG-7 retailing for approx 500USD.


Famous Soviet RPG-7 Rocket Launcher!! Made by Unicorn-industry Hong Kong, made of steel, wood and plastic. Comes with Inert warhead which can hide any M203 type 40mm cartridge, unlike the Japanese model which needs removal of warhead when shooting. Price will be just usd$390, Just a fraction of the unrealistic Japanese model which cost you arm and leg!! Real deal optional optics and night visions will be availiable!! Gunner Airsoft Exclusive!!! 


Weighs in at 7kg including the box and is available for $390USD. At the time of publishing this article, Gunners were out of stock so check back.


oh..and I’ve published several Airsoft RPGs in the Video Section . Enjoy


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