Russian Mania Workshop RPG-7B Antitank Grenade Launcher [and a little wishful thinking]

Today I visited the Russian Mania Workshop website and noticed that they have the RPG-7, the RPG they have talked about for some time, available for pre-order. I’m a little confused with the model numberRussian Mania Workshop RPG-7B Grenade Launcher designated by RMW (RPG-7B) as the RMW image (see right) is identical to the RPG-7V with the PGO-7 style telescope sight and PG-7V warhead. Anyway, this is airsoft so you can designate whatever model number you like I guess, so on to the features..

Product Features:

  • CNC Aluminium barrel
  • CNC Steel front and rear sight
  • CNC Aluminium trigger set
  • Steel ring bands
  • Real wood heatshield
  • Real dimension scope rail, ready to mount any Russia standard scope
  • Bakelite color grip

What I love about this airsoft grenade launcher, is it’s versatility. You could say that is has a dual use configuration. With the warhead intact, the RMW RPG will fire from a M870 6mm shotshell from Tanaka, Madbull or Airsoft Surgeon shotties. With the warhead removed, it will fire any 40mm grenade, Madbull XM995 Foam Rocket or a Nerf Rocket.

Would I add this legendary grenade launcher to my arsenal? Absolutely, but ask me if there is any B&T GL-06grenade launcher that I would love to see replicated in Airsoft form, I would immediately refer you to the..

Brügger & Thomet GL-06 grenade launcher with optional accessories such as Red Dot sight, forward grip and a tactical light. CAW? You do this sort of stuff!. Aaaaand Go!!.

What grenade launcher would you like to see replicated for airsoft? Leave a comment below.

RPG-7 Factoid

The RPG translates to both English Rocket-Propelled Grenade and Russian as Raketniy Protivotankoviy Granatomet, "a rocket anti-tank grenade launcher".

The RPG-7 is a recoilless, shoulder-fired, muzzle-loaded, reloadable, antitank grenade launcher. It fires a variety of 85-mm rocket-assisted grenades from a 40-mm smoothbore launcher tube. The launcher has two hand grips; a large optical sight; a thick, wooden heat guard around the middle; and a large, flared blast shield at the rear of the tube. The launcher is 953 mm long without grenade and 1,340 mm with grenade. The launcher weighs 7.9 kg and the grenade 2.25 kg.

Reloading and re-aiming the RPG-7 requires a minimum of 14 seconds. Firing leaves noticeable signatures in the form of flash, smoke, and noise, and the unprotected gunner is extremely vulnerable to suppressive fires.


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One Response to “Russian Mania Workshop RPG-7B Antitank Grenade Launcher [and a little wishful thinking]”

  1. Hi Matt,
    Russians still have got nice weapon RPG-7 is prove of it. Nice features and dual configuration.
    Wandering if I will be able to buy it :)
    Regards and keep up good work!

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