Pimp My Gun Beta 0.7 Released and we take a First Look

Last time I reviewed the flash based modular weapon builder, PimpMyGun by Dr Noob, I was using version beta 0.33 but just yesterday a new beta 0.7 was released to the masses for testing so I decided to take it for a test drive and compare it to its’ older versions.

Bearing in my mind that it’s an early beta, I just wanted to get out of the way an issue I have with the size (in terms of dimensions) of the application. One thing I really liked about the older version is that the entire application fits above the fold in a non maximised browser screen and all interface options are accessible without any scrolling. With the new beta 0.7, unless your running full screen (F11) or have a super minimalised browser interface, you are going to have to vertically scroll to see the whole canvas. This would only apply to 1280×800 or less users but that’s still over 50% of all browsers.

image image

The author seems to have taken the application in a completely different direction as far as interface and interactivity is concerned. The application has adopted a typical program interface with such things as ‘File’ menu and ‘Toolbar’. Selection of gun parts is now achieved with a popup dialog box that covers the main canvas.


This has given the author more space to present the various part options in a more visually appealing way and also provides room to give each part a manufacturer tag and description which was sorely missing from the older versions. I’d like to love the new parts dialogs but I still prefer the integrated parts pane from the older version.


A big advantage of the older integrated pane is that while you are selecting a part, you can still see your canvas and can take an immediate visual cues from your design to see if the part you’re about to drag in is suitable. If the author can somehow re-integrate the parts panel but include the useful part information as well, it would it would be the best of both worlds.

I like the direction the author is heading in with the applicationising (I totally made that word up) of the interface but it seems a little less slicker and a lot more work (read. clicks) to achieve the same result than it’s older brother. On the upside, I’m really loving the group/ungroup feature and the new colourising options adds some some real pimping chops. One simple but really effective improvement in the new application is the ability to use the keyboard to granularity position each part. Thank you!!

Bear in mind that this is an early beta and a lot of the parts have still not been ported over from the old application but all this will come in time. I would expect the author would be fielding lots of feedback and suggestions for this popular (our original article has garnered 9,500+ views) gun building application.

This is my custom M4 created with version 0.65


And here is another custom M4 created with version 0.70, part rendering and shadow detail has improved and granular control of positioning and colours is evident. Now that parts descriptions are available, here is what I’ve used. MUR Upper, stock M4 Lower, KAC Carbine RAS, CTR Carbine stock, Troy Rear/Front Folding Battlesights, ACOG TA01 4×32 scope, Tango Down Vertical Grip, CAA UPG-16 Grip, AAC SPR Suppressor, MAGPUL XTM Rail Panels and lastly a MAGPUL MagLevel PMAG 30rd magazine.


Visit the PimpMyGun website where you can test the new application and provide input by reporting bugs, giving suggestion and even donating to the project.

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    fresh tell me how to do that

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