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WE announces XM-177E1 GBBR

WE today announced and demonstrated the latest GBBR to their open–bolt line-up, the Colt Model 609, otherwise known as the XM-177E1. Design seems to stay true to the Vietnam era ‘Commando’ CAR-15 with the third ...

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Springfield M1A SOCOM II Gas Blowback

Custom Springfield M1A SOCOM II GBBR
What!! Ok let me explain myself. This isn’t actually a production rifle, but a very special project build from user ‘YKK’ over at the forums. Melding a WE M14 with RATech steel ...

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WE AK Series GBBR makes debut

James from WE makes the grand debut of the gas blowback AK series from WE. In particular he demonstrates a AKS-74UN which...

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At the 2011 JASG Toygun Festival, KSC had their usual booth showcasing all the new goodies for the proceeding year including a Gas Blowback AK-74M rifle. Not entirely surprising with OEM manufacturer KWA earlier this ...

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SRC SR-74 GBB Series Hot Release

New from SRC for the month of August is the hotly anticipated SR-74 (AK-74) series of gas blowback rifles. The SRC AK Series GBBR comes standard with solid metal bodies, beautiful wood furniture and 65rd ...

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VFC (Umarex) G36C GBBR Pre-order

Airsoft Global has listed the up and coming VFC G36C GBBR by Umarex for pre-order at only $255 USD. Designed by VFC and manufactured by Umarex, the G36C is ...

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Iron Airsoft GBBR Conversion Kit for Magpul PTS ACR

Iron Airsoft has announced a GBB conversion kit for the popular Magpul PTS ACR AEG. Featuring a WA based system, the Iron Airsoft GBB Conversion Kit will accommodate WA compatible magazines and with the absence ...

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WE Tech L85 GBBR coming soon in Desert Tan

WE Tech Taiwanese distributor, Powerstar, has revealed some sample shots of the recently released WE Tech L85 in a bold new livery of the Desert Tan variety. I’ve seen the L85 with Desert Tan furniture ...

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WE Tech releases open bolt M16A1 VN GBBR

WE Tech today released in Taiwan, their open bolt gas blowback replica of the venerable M16A1 Vietnam era rifle complete with teardrop forward assist, non-tapered delta ring, three prong flash hider and 20rd type short ...

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WE Tech FN P90 GBB


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