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Inokatsu 2011: Desert Eagle .50AE GBB and updated GBBR line-up

Inokatsu Desert Eagle .50AE
Inokatsu has updated their incoming and expected inventory range for 2011 and has a few little surprises, starting with quite possibly the Desert Eagle to end all GBB Desert Eagles, the Co2 powered Inokatsu Desert ...

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Shot Show 2011: Breaking – KWA introduces Gas Blowback AK74

An Unexpected SurpriseSince the successful introduction of the LM4 PTRs, KWA is now ready to introduce a new addition to the GBBR family: the AKG series. Unlike the LM4 PTRs, the AKG series will be ...

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WE Tech G36C (G39C) Gas Blowback Rifle Production Ready

WE Tech has released a video of their latest GBBR offering to the airsoft masses, beating the GHK G36 GBBR that was announced...

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WETTI to collaborate with Knight’s Armament Company

Artem from the Strike Up blog posted a three part interview with James Chan of WETTI earlier this month with some insight into...

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WE Mk14 Mod0 EBR GBBR Kit Prototype Gallery [Bonus Video]

WE manufacturing partner, Powerstar, is hard at work machining up all the necessary parts to turn the WE M14 GBBR into the U.S. Navy variant we all lust after, the Mark 14 Mod 0 Enhanced ...

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Viper Tech goes back to basics with Colt Model 601 and 602

It can be said, Viper Tech loves their Vietnam era AR15 gas blowback replicas, so it really comes as no surprise to find a video of a Viper Tech, err... tech lovingly crafting a Colt ...

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WE H&K MP5 GBBR Prototype Sneak Peek

WE has been on a GBBR lambast lately with the recently released M14 and prototype L85A2 but don’t expect them to slow down anytime soon with manufacturing partner Powerstar teasing us ...

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GHK G36 Gas Blowback Video Sneak Preview

As a follow on from our news from a few days ago with a table featuring the scattered parts of the new GBB G36 from GHK,...

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WE L85A2 Gas Blowback Sneak Preview

The guys from Powerstar have given us a sneak preview of a prototype WE L85A2 Gas Blowback rifle. This is an extremely ...

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GHK H&K G36 GBB in production, Yes I said G36 GBB, clickity.

Innards of GHK G36 GBBR
Hot news coming out of the GHK camp, with news leaking of GHK preparing a prototype gas blowback G36, yes you heard me right, a GAS BLOWBACK G36. has hooked us up ...

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